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Ojo Skin Care Therapy

All guests who purchase a spa service (with the exception of a Milagro Wrap, Private Tub, and Private Ritual Herbal Bath) will receive a complimentary robe, locker and two towels for use during their visit. Please note that cost for entry to the Springs is in addition to the price of a spa treatment. Please check our Seasonal Specials for spa offers.

We suggest preparing your body by soaking in our healing and relaxing mineral waters, steam and sauna prior to receiving any service. Customize your experience by adding one of our 25-minute spa therapies.

About Ojo Skin Care Therapy

Our unique Ojo Skin Care Therapy is perfect for the high alpine desert climate of New Mexico. Our skin care treatments utilize the SUNDÃRI line of Ayurvedic inspired skin care products prepared from the powerful and regenerative properties of plants, herbs, roots, essential oils and floral extracts.

One of the oldest forms of healthcare in the world, Ayurveda is a system which uses the principles of nature to help maintain health in a person by balancing the individual’s body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Ojo Custom Face Therapy

A relaxing and gentle face therapy for all skin types using a combination of SUNDÃRI gentle, dosha specific cleansers and essential oils to sweep away surface skin cells and toxins. A bamboo and date exfoliant is used to brighten the complexion. A relaxing face and neck massage using gotu kola and lotus oil is given to replenish and nourish the skin, followed by a rose and lavender hydrating mask to slow the breakdown of collagen. Includes eye therapy with chamomile oil, neem eye cream and dosha specific moisturizer – leaving the skin radiant and protected.
50 minutes ... $99

Ojo Mini Face Therapy

A mini version of our Ojo Custom Face Therapy which can be added to a massage or other spa service for a quick and effective way to purify, relax and hydrate your face.
25-minute stand-alone ... $59

Youthful Glow Face Therapy

This therapy utilizes massage, Ojo Hot Herbal Towels and SUNDÃRI skin care products to improve circulation, relax, hydrate and restore your skin and underlying muscles to promote a youthful glow. Skin cells are gently sloughed away leaving your skin with a brighter and smoother appearance. Reduces pores, fine lines, wrinkles and slackening of the skin, restoring radiance. 

50 minutes … $119 
Includes full arm and hand massage with SUNDÃRI Gotu Kola and Lotus Oil
80 minutes … $159 
Includes extensive massage of the face, neck, shoulders, arms and hands

Men’s Fitness Face Therapy

This invigorating and revitalizing skin care therapy cleans and softens the face which can be irritated by daily shaving and exposure to the drying southwest sun and wind. Our Ojo Hot Herbal Towel compress melts away stress, revitalizes and hydrates your skin. Your session includes a soothing massage of the face, neck and shoulders. SUNDÃRI skin care products provide skin nourishment, draw out impurities and congestion, while cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and hydrating your face.
25-minute stand-alone ... $59
50 minutes … $99

* We specialize in using nourishing & natural approaches to skin care without extractions or the use of machines.

These are not stand-alone treatments but can be added to any spa service.

Ojo Healing Hands Therapy

Instantly repair dry and prematurely aging hands using SUNDÃRI Ayurvedic herbal formula of neem, lotus, and gotu kola – combined with massage, jojoba beads, a rose and a lavendar mask and our Ojo Herbal Hot Towels leaving hands incredibly soft, moiste and protected.
25 minute add-on ... $59

Ojo Restorative Foot Therapy

A rich and nourishing therapy including warm oil massage and relaxing Ojo Herbal Hot Towel Wrap for tired feet and calves. Your therapist will cleanse, exfoliate, massage and balm your feet with SUNDÃRI skin care products.
25 minute add-on ... $59

SUNDÃRI Hot Oil Hair Therapy

This therapeutic and rejuvenating hair therapy offers SUNDÃRI products formulated with essential oils to strengthen and repair the hair shaft. This unique complex is applied to your hair, massaged into your head and wrapped with Ojo Herbal Hot Towels to invigorate the scalp and protect your tresses.
25 minute add-on ... $44


All packages include complimentary robe, locker, towel and bath amenities to use during your stay (a $15 value).


Escape to Ojo with a 4-Day Rejuvenation Package.

Monday: 50-minute Private Outdoor Pool w/Kiva Fireplace; 50-minute Native American Blue Corn & Prickly Pear Salt Scrub with Hot Herbal Oil Scalp Massage and Hair therapy.

Tuesday: Down-to-Earth Moor Mud Body Therapy; Essence of Ojo Custom Massage

Wednesday: 80-minute Earth Keepers Hot Stone Massage

Thursday: Desert Dew Face, Hands and Feet Therapy Package

Package includes 3 nights in our Historic Hotel (accommodation upgrades available), and Ojo tote with amenities. Available Monday through Thursday only. Sunday arrival recommended.

Springs’ entry included with lodging.

Starting at $899 per person

Rates for second guest in room varies based on room type.

Includes complimentary yoga, one class per person per day, and access to all mineral pools, steam and sauna both day of arrival, every day during your visit and day of departure.

Spa services for all packages must be booked prior to arrival to ensure availability. Tax and gratuity additional. Packages cannot be combined with any other offer or special. Rates are subject to change without notice.

Ojo Desert Dew

This luxurious 1 hour and 40-minute therapy is a hydrating boost for your face, hands and feet. You’ll be pampered with SUNDÃRI skin care, including Ojo Custom Face Therapy and Healing Hands and Restorative Foot Therapies, which include arm and leg massage. The ultimate head-to-toe relaxing, refreshing and rejuvenating experience – leaving you with moisturized, radiant and protected skin.

1 hour 40 minutes ... $199


Ojo Mini Face Therapy, 80-minute Essence of Ojo Custom Massage and SUNDÃRI Hot Oil Hair Therapy. Package includes a special SUNDÃRI gift from Ojo.

2 hours 15 minutes … $210


A 50-minute Essence of Ojo Custom Massage soothes away muscle tension and stress, followed by a 25-minute Native American Blue Corn and Prickly Pear Salt Scrub to soften and renew your skin.

1 hour 15 minutes … $130


This ultimate Ojo experience offers stress reduction and rejuvenation for your body and mind. Your personally tailored therapy begins with an 80-minute Essence of Ojo Custom Massage and steaming Ojo Hot Herbal Towels to melt away muscle tension. A scalp massage and Ojo Signature Hot Oil Hair Therapy strengthens and repairs damaged hair. A Reflexology Foot Therapy balances your energy and completes your therapy, leaving your mind and body revitalized. Not offered for pregnant women.

2 hours 10 minutes … $199


You’ll feel a deep sense of rest and relaxation from our 50-minute Essence of Ojo Custom Massage followed by a 25-minute Reflexology Foot Therapy to balance your body and mind. Not offered for pregnant women.

1 hour 15 minutes … $124


Private Outdoor Mineral Pool including Kiva Fireplace for 50 minutes. Includes two Essence of Ojo Custom 50-minute massages.

1 hour 40 minutes … $219


What our guests are saying about us....

"Thank you! What a wonderful way to feel energized for the day! "


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